Famous Masons

Famous Canadian Masons


Abbott Sir John J.C. Canadian Prime Minister 1891-1892. Initiated St. Paul's No. 374, E.R., Montreal, 1847.


Badgley William. Canadian Lawyer, first Dean of the Faculty of Law at McGill University, Montreal. St. Paul's Lodge No. 374 UGLE, Montreal. Past Provincial Grand Master.

Ballard Harold. Fiesty owner of Toronto Maple Leafs National Hockey League team. Corinthian No. 481, GRC, Toronto, Ontario.

Bennett Viscount R. B. Canadian Prime Minister 1930-1935.

Borden Sir Robert L. 12th. Canadian Prime Minister 1911-1920. St. Andrew's Lodge 1, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Bowell Sir Mackenzie. Canadian Prime Minister 1894-1896. St. Lawrence Lodge 640 E.R. Montreal, PQ. Affiliated with Belleville Lodge No. 123, Bellville, Ontario.

Brant, Chief Joseph. Canadian Mohawk Chief Thayendanega, of the Six Nations Indians. Hiram's Cliftonian Lodge No. 417 E.R. (M) London, UK.

Brown Arthur Roy WWI Captain in Royal Flying Corps, The man who shot down the Red Baron, famous pilot German Manfred von Richthofen. On April 21, 1918, while he was pursuing another Canadian pilot, "Wop" May. Initiated: 1915 St. John's Lodge, Carleton Place, Ontario.


Conacher Charlie. Toronto Maple Leaf ice hockey legend. North Gate Lodge No. 591, Pickering, Ontario, Canada.


Diefenbaker John George. Canadian Prime Minister 1957-1963. 57 year member of the craft. 33 deg. Sottish Rite. Knights Templar and a Shriner (First Potentate of Tunis Temple, Ottawa). Initiated, passed and raised, Wakaw Lodge No. 166 GRS (Saskatchewan). Affiliated Kinistino No. 1, GRS. Honorary Grand Master of DeMolays.

Dunn, Alexander Robert. Canadian soldier who won Canada's first Victoria Cross at the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava. Ionic Lodge No. 18 (now No. 25), Toronto, Ontario.


Fleming Sir Sanford. Canadian engineer and surveyor. Suggested the use of time zones. St. Andrew's No. 16, Toronto, Ontario.


Horton, Tim. Canadian ice hockey legend. Founder of the donut chain bearing his name. Kroy Lodge No. 676, Toronto, Ontario.


Jarvis, William. Provincial Secretary for Upper Canada. First Provincial Grand Master (Ancients) for Upper Canada.


Keith, Alexander. Scottish born Canadian Master Brewer. Grand Master of the G.L. of Nova Scotia. Lodge of St. John, No. 118, Sunderland G.R. of England in 1816. Then Virgin Lodge No. 2, G. R. of E., Halifax Nova Scotia in 1819.


Layton, Athol. Canadian proffessional wrestler. Birch Cliff Lodge No. 612, Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario. Potentate Rameses Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. 1968.


Macdonald, Sir John Alexander. First Canadian Prime Minister. St. John's Lodge No. 758, Kingston, Ontario. Honourary Past Grand Senior Warden.

Maclean, John Bayne. Founder of Maclean's Magazine and President of Maclean's Publishing Co. Ionic Lodge No. 25, Toronto, Ontario.

Maughlin C.C. Colonel. R. S. "Sam".(1871-1972) Son of the founder of the McLaughlin Carriage Co. In 1907 the McLaughlin Motor Car Company was formed which later became General Motors of Canada in 1918. Cedar Lodge 270, Oshawa, Ontario,Canada. Grand Steward, 75yr. member in the craft. Royal Arch, Knight Templar, President of Oshawa Shrine Club. Companion of the Order of Canada (C.C.)

McLaughlin John.J. Invented the modern Canada Dry version of Ginger Ale in 1907. Cedar Lodge 270. Oshawa, Ontario,Canada

Molson, John. Founder of Molson Breweries. St. Paul's Lodge, No. 374 UGLE, Montreal. Past Provincial Grand Master.


Owen Most Rev. Derwyn T. Archbishop of Toronto and Primate of all Canada. Ionic Lodge No. 25, Toronto, Ontario.


Simcoe Lord John Graves. First Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada - now Ontario. Union Lodge No. 307, E.R. (Moderns), Exeter, England.

Sinclair Gordon "Sinc". Canadian journalist and broadcaster. John Ross Robertson No. 545, Toronto, Ontario.


Wilson William Mercer. First Grand Master of the independent Grand Lodge of Canada, 1855. Also first Grand First Principal of Royal Arch Masons of Canada.

British Royalty

Duke of Cumberland. Prince Henry Frederick, younger brother of George III. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England (Moderns) Granted Prince Hall his charter in 1884 and it only arrived in 1887.

Dunckerly Thomas. Illegitimate born son of George II, consolidated the Royal Arch and was the first Grand Master of the Masonic Knights Templar. Acted as Grand Master for the warranted lodges in Quebec.

Edward VII. King of Great Britain. Grand Master of the UGLE 1875-1901. Also Provincial Grand Master for Lower Canada.

Edward VIII. King of Great Britain. Household Brigade Lodge No. 2614. Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1936.

George IV. King of Great Britain. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England (Moderns) 1790-1813 while still Prince of Wales.

George VI. King of Great Britain. Grand Master of Scotland and honorary Past Grand Master of the UGLE. Initiated in Naval Lodge No. 2612. Royal Arch First Principal, 33 degree AASR, Past Grand Master Mark Master Lodge.

Kent, Edward Augustus, Duke of. Father of Queen Victoria and last Grand Master of the Ancient Grand Lodge of England in 1813. Kent, His Royal Highness Prince Edward the Duke of. Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

William IV King of England, made a Mason at Plymouth, England, March 9th. 1786.

Vistors to Cedar Lodge

Chrysler Walter P. American automobile manufacturer. 32 degree AASR, Salina, Kansas. Member of Isis Shrine Temple at Salina, Kansas. Reportedly a visitor to Cedar Lodge 270 Oshawa, Ontario,Canada, while employed by Buick Corporation.

This list is gratefuly credited to W.Bro. G.E.Day. from Cedar Lodge No. 270

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